Vision, Mission, Values and Guiding Principles


In 2012, the Board of Directors embarked on a strategic planning process to help the Foundation clarify its role and define how to most effectively direct its efforts in the coming years. The combination of research and findings surfaced during this year-long process allowed for a healthy internal discussion leading the Foundation to clarify its mission, vision, values and guiding principles.

Our Vision: A day when all Canadians are living purposeful and productive lives, helping to build a better, more prosperous society.


Our Mission: The Counselling Foundation of Canada champions learning and career development to help Canadians nurture the gifts and talents within themselves.


Our Values: Since Frank Lawson created The Counselling Foundation of Canada in 1959, the same core values and beliefs have shaped our efforts and activities.

  • We believe in the positive impact one person can have on many.
  • We believe in leaders, and in supporting the kind of leadership than can be a catalyst for change in our communities. The kind of leadership that inspires action, invites innovation, and gets results.
  • We believe that when people have access to career counselling and career development, they make better decisions about their lives—allowing them to understand their talents and skills, and to pursue their passions.
  • Ultimately, we believe in people. And in allowing and challenging people to live better, happier and more fulfilling lives. By so doing, we believe they will contribute to a healthier and more prosperous Canada.


Our Guiding Principles:

  • Be Bold. We take smart risks, and provide leadership by addressing complex and challenging issues.
  • Collaborate. We build our relationships on a foundation of trust that allows for flexible partnerships, while promoting learning within our community so practices can be communicated, built upon and improved.
  • Maximize our Impact. We support partners and initiatives that have the potential to deliver significant change—either directly or through a ripple effect.
  • Invest in Leadership. We know that leadership begets results, and we look to fund exceptional leaders who can deliver on an initiative, regardless of scope or scale.
  • Think Long-Term. We acknowledge that it takes time to affect large scale societal change.
The Counselling Foundation of Canada is proud to support CERIC and its programs: