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You can also subscribe to CERIC's email list. Supported by the Foundation, CERIC is a charitable organization that advances education and research in career counselling and career development.

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The Counselling Foundation of Canada, a family foundation funded by Frank G. Lawson and his estate, was established in 1959 to create and enrich career counselling programs and improve the technical skills of career counsellors. The object of the Foundation is to engage in charitable and educational activities for the benefit of people; thus enabling them to improve their lifestyles and make a more effective contribution to their communities.

In 2012, our Board of Directors undertook a year-long strategic review process to clarify the Foundation’s role and define how to most effectively direct its efforts in the coming years. The resultant Strategic Plan articulates a continued focus on the career counselling and career development sphere.


The goals of the Foundation are:


  • To promote the effective delivery of career counselling through reputable and credible existing institutions (education, religious and community) to individuals involved in the process of career development;
  • To work towards the professionalization of counselling and promote public education which clarifies the role and qualifications of counsellors;
  • To provide leadership in the philanthropic and charitable sectors;
  • To help foster a sense of clarity and pride in the career counselling and career development profession; and
  • To play a role in influencing the discussion of the link between education and work.
The Counselling Foundation of Canada is proud to support CERIC and its programs: